Coltman bros now stock a wide range of Patura electric fencing. Ranging from energisers, tapes, stakes and many other items to suit your needs. With experienced staff we are happy to help with all your enquiry’s and advice on your electric fence. Click here to download our stock list.

Patura Electric Fencing… One Of The Best Electric Fencing Systems In The World!

Patura won’t let you down guaranteed and also offering 3 year replacement warranty –  no-quibbles, no small print. If an energiser goes wrong, we’ll repair it promptly or replace it. But because this is robust, reliable German engineering, they rarely do!

Click here for the Patura electric fencing catalogue a wide variety of what you need. We stock most items in the catalogue but if not we can get in to order between 1-2 workings days.


An efficent energiser is the foundation of the basic power supply to your electric fence. The output power is specified in joules. Four factors play a crucial role when deciding which energiser to use. Vegetation load on the fence, Fence length and number of wires, Type of animal and power supply. You can also contact us where we can advise to best the energiser to suit your needs.

Polytape, Polyrope & Polywire

Patura polywire, tape & rope are made up with Stainless steel strands for the highest breaking strength. Also containing tinned copper strands for great conductivity and polythylene threads for longest life.

Permanent fence insulators

The right insulator in the right place

It is important in the use of insulators to use the correct insulator in the correct location. One differentiates between strain and corner insulators at the begining and at the end of the fence, at places where it changes direction, and line insulators for the general fenceline. In practice , the insulator is often used for all areas of application. Almost always, a line insulator, which is designed only to withstand minimal tension, is chosen demands will cause them to fail. The use of just a small number of rugged corner and strain insulators very quickly pays itself by way of longevity in the fence, a lower maintenance load and, above all, in considerably greater security.

Earth stakes – the key accessory

Make sure you earth everything properly! Over 80% Of installed earthing systems are inadequate. The minimum number of earth stakes for each particular energiser is given in the tables for the particular energiser in the Patura catalogue from the Patura website.

Want to learn more on how electric fencing works? Why not take a look at our guide. Contains detailed information on energisers and how they work, earthing methods, conductors and insulators.

We can also help with:

Earthing, batteries and mains adapters, fault finders, security, lightning protection, warning signs, cables and screws, polywires, polyrope, insulators, fence posts and many more call now to discuss your next project 01455 209038

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