Osmo Oils

Good for both humans and wood.

Sunflower, Soya, Linseed and thistle oil, the basis of our wood finishes as well as waxes and pigments which Osmo uses are classed as food safe. Disaromatised white spirit ensures that the finishes are easy to spread. This allows Osmo to do without so called “Green solvent” materials which can cause allergies, e.g. orange oil. As a general rule Osmo leave out preservatives.

High Coverage: Easy Savings

Osmo finishes contain an unusally high amount of pigments and oils and as such they have a much better coverage than more conventional finishes. They leave a stunning surface finish after one or two coats, without the need for primer or base coat. With just one tin of Osmo you can achieve near to double the square meter coverage of an ordinary finishing system, and in comparison to other paints, which need primers etc., the time you need to use Osmo is massively reduced, saving you time and money.

Coltman Bros stock the following and more:


osmo-oils-coltmans-bros-osmos-polyx-oilPerfectly trimmed for wooden floors – an easy to clean and aesthetic surface.
Available in 0.375, 0.75, 2.50 litre tins
1 litre covers approx. 24m2 with 1 coat.


Clear matt for interior use
Does not crack, flake, peel or blister
Available in 0.5 litre
1 litre covers approx 24m2 with 1 coat
2 coats on raw wood
For renovation, apply 1 coat to clean and dry surface


Clear, satin finish for exterior wood
Added safety for your family
Increases the durabilty of the surface
Especially recommended for wooden decking
Protects against mould, algae and fungal attack and reduces the risk of slipping.

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