The majority of our stock timber products are already Tanalised pressure preservative treated from our own facilities to protect against the threat of rot or insect attack.

We also provide a full treatment service for customers own timbers, if required.

Use Classes

The level of preservative treatment is varied according to the Use Class situation that the timber is exposed to during its life. Generally, a greater degree of protection is required as the Use Class increases. TANALISED treated timber is suitable for all the Use Classes with TANATONE treated timber being more widely used for Classes 3.2 and 4.

UC1Internal, dry (eg. Upper floor joists)
UC2Internal, risk of wetting (eg. Tile battens)
UC 3 coated (3.1)Outdoors, coated, above ground (eg. Soffits/Cladding)
UC 3 uncoated (3.2)Outdoors, uncoated, above ground (eg. Cladding/Fence rails)
UC 4Direct soil or fresh water contact (eg. Fence posts)

We usually undertake 3 cycles a day for TANALISED (green) treatment and one cycle or more for TANATONE (brown) treatment, depending on volumes. Contact us directly for costs of service treatments.


Tanalised Timber

To ensure our timber products are fully protected against all forms of wood decay and insect attack and have a long and low maintenance service life, we pressure preservative pre-treat our softwood timbers using the latest generation, environmentally advanced products.

The resulting TANALISED E pressure treated timber can be used with total confidence, even in ground contact situations. For our fencing and landscaping timbers, we also offer TANATONE treatment with a rich brown colour built-in.

The Treatment Process

We carry ready treated stocks of many of our timbers or can arrange specific treatments to order, including a service treatment option for customers own timbers.

Click here to view a current Treated Timber User Guide for Tanalised E and Tanatone treated timber.

Endgrain Preservative

When working with pressure treated timber, any cuts or notches must be further treated with a brush-on endgrain product to maintain the integrity of the preservative protection. We recommend Ensele Endgrain Preservative which is available from stock.

Click here to view a current Ensele Technical Data Sheet.

Service Treatments

We also provide a full treatment service for customers own timbers, if required. Contact us directly for costs of service treatments.

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